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Dongguan Jing Feng Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. is established in 2000, is a set of R & D design, manufacturing, sales in one of the professional wire and cable fiber optic cable production equipment manufacturing private technology enterprises, Guangdong Province is the larger wire and cable the whole Factory equipment output one of the manufacturers.


The main products are: wire and cable extruder (extrusion machine), Teflon high temperature extruder, three insulated wire equipment, silicone extruder, USB3.1 high frequency data line whole plant equipment, network cable data line whole plant Equipment, high-speed stranding machine beam machine, single twisted machine into a cable machine. Factory standing prototype, welcomed the overwhelming majority of users at any time to plant inspection guidance.


Jing Feng company with strong technical strength, and constantly learn from Germany, Japan and other advanced countries, technology and technology, and cable manufacturers work closely with the products increasingly perfect, through cost-effective products, fast service system, to win the industry's Praise, the products are all over the country, the global ultra-30 countries and regions are "Jing Feng" equipment in operation.


To the benefits of seeking the purpose of "the principle of" continuous development of innovation, to take the standardization of production, the company advocates efficient,Quality, development, the concept of win-win situation, and new and old customers work together, the development of Lixin Xin can not be separated from your wish that our professional quality can be your career development of the best partners. Lide Xin machinery progress, depends on your support.


I plant in the "quality to create brand, to win customers!" Corporate philosophy and dedication to the vast number of old and new customers. The user is God, the quality is life. Our efforts is to hope that our customers buy rest assured that the use of comfortable.
[2017 Shanghai International Wire and Cable Industry and Cable Equipment Exhibition]
2017ShanghaiInternationalWireandCableIndustryandCableEquipmentExhibitionwillbeheldatShanghaiNewInternationalExpoCenterfrom2017-06-14to16! ShanghaiInternationalWireandCableIndustryandCableEquipmentExhibitionisregardedasoneofthethreemajorwireandcableexhibitionsinAsia.Thisexhibitionwillshowcasethelatestproductsandtechnologiesoftheupstreamanddownstreamindustrychainofwireandcableandcableequipment.Inaddition,industrialautomationexhibitionsandrobotexhibitionswillbeheldduringtheexhibition. Theexhibitionscopeofthisyear'sShanghaiWireandCableExhibitionis:communicationcableanditscomponents,fiberopticcable,wiringequipment,cablematerials,cableequipmentandtester,etc.Welcometovisitus!
[2017 Shànghǎi guójì diànxiàn diànlǎn gōngyè jí xiàn lǎn shèbèi zhǎnlǎn huì] 24/5000 [2017 Shanghai International Wire and Cable Industry and Cable Equipment Exhibition]
2017 Shànghǎi guójì diànxiàn diànlǎn gōngyè jí xiàn lǎn shèbèi zhǎnlǎn huì jiāng yú 2017-06-14 zhì 16 rì zài shànghǎi xīn guójì bólǎn……

Dongguan Jing Feng Electrical Machinery Co.,Ltd

is established in 2000, is a set of R & D design, manufacturing, sales in one of the professional wire and cable fiber optic cable production equipment manufacturing private technology enterprises,

Cable industry development and product quality control industryˈindəstrē industry
On March 3, at the Zhejiang Cable and Cable Industry Association General Meeting held in Hangzhou, Wu Changshun, director of the National Wire and Cable Testing Center, focused on the development of wire and cable products, wire and cable industry, with the theme of industry development and product quality control. The analysis and insights of the finishing, high-capacity tower overcapacity, the quality of the entire industry and how to improve product quality.
The role of the extruder non-inductive vector inverter
I. Introduction of Extruder Plastics are plasticized into a uniform melt through an extruder, and under the pressure established by plasticization, the screw is continuously cooled, quantitatively and pressure-extruded. Most thermoplastics use this method. Screw extruders come in many different models and sizes. The most common extruders are screw extruders. The main machine drive of the AC drive adopts the inverter, which can fully meet the process requirements of the extruder and achieve the necessary process control indicators. After the actual operation, the operation is stable, the product adaptability is strong, and the economic benefits are obvious. Features of the extruder drive Components of the extrusion molding unit An extrusion unit usually consists of a main machine (extruder), an auxiliary machine and its control system. Usually these components are collectively referred to as extrusion units. 1. Main unit The main unit of an extruder consists of three parts: extrusion, transmission and heating and cooling. The extrusion system is mainly composed of a screw and a barrel, and is a key part of the extruder; the driving system plays a role in driving the screw, and the screw needs to have the required torque and rotation speed during the working process; the heating and cooling system mainly ensures the material. And temperature control of the extrusion system during the forming process. 2. Auxiliary machine The composition of the auxiliary machine of the extrusion equipment depends on the type of product. Generally speaking, the auxiliary machine is composed of a component transparent device, a cooling device, a traction device, a cutting device, and a winding or stacking device of the product. 3. Control system The control system of the extruder is mainly composed of electrical appliances, instruments and actuators. Its main functions are as follows: (1) Control the driving motor of the main and auxiliary machines to meet the speed and power required by the process requirements, and to ensure The main and auxiliary machines can operate in coordination. (2) Control the temperature, pressure, flow rate and quality of the main and auxiliary machines. (3) Realize automatic control of the entire unit. Control of a conventional screw extruder 1) In a conventional screw extruder system, the screw is driven by a DC motor. In the case of direct drive, the screw is driven directly by the gearbox; in the case of indirect transmission, the screw is driven by the belt and the traction disk. The traditional DC motor itself has certain disadvantages: for example, the brush of the DC motor is replaced once a month. In a dusty or corrosive environment, the DC motor needs to be cleaned frequently, and sometimes even the DC motor is required from outside the workshop. Into the clean cooling air. 2) The disadvantage of the indirect drive screw extruder is that there is a belt slip, the belt will cause a certain energy loss, and more mechanical devices increase the possibility of wear and failure. The biggest drawback of DC motors is too much noise, brush fire, rotor pollution, motor temperature is too high, exhaust is insufficient and motor vibration. Therefore, the screw extruder using a DC motor has higher maintenance costs, and the initial cost of the DC motor is also higher. Second, the application of the inverter in the extruder The vectorless inverter is used in the extrusion equipment and has high-quality operation characteristics, which is determined by the good product performance that the vector-controlled inverter itself can provide. 1> Fast processor provides higher frequency response The built-in processor of the vectorless inverter provides high control accuracy, fast response frequency and good dynamic performance. The process requirements of the extruder are mainly to control the constant pressure of the outlet. When the equipment starts to work, the speed is controlled. When the demand pressure is reached, it is switched to pressure control. The switching process should have no impact and require high control accuracy of the inverter to respond to the pressure signal. 2> Vector control provides high torque output at low frequency. The main drive motor of the extruder mainly drives the screw to rotate after being decelerated by the parallel shaft helical gear reducer, and the constant torque is adjusted when the running speed is changed below the fundamental frequency. In the past, the V/f control inverter was used. Since the starting torque of the load should be considered, the corresponding torque boosting level should be set. If the torque boost setting is too high, the excitation will be too large at low frequency and light load, which may cause The motor is severely heated, which affects the stable operation of the equipment. The vector control type vectorless frequency converter not only ensures good output characteristics of the motor at low frequencies, but the automatic energy-saving opera
2016 China Asia Wire and Cable International Summit was held in Shanghai
On January 20th, 2016, China & Asia Wire and Cable Forum 2016 was held in Shanghai Century Crowne Plaza Hotel. More than 150 wire and cable industry experts and business leaders from all over the world gathered to discuss the status quo and development of the industry.
Jingfeng Machinery Factory Relocation Notice
Due to the business development needs of our company and the expansion of the company's scale, the factory will be relocated to the new address in April 2013. Only the factory (and company) address and postal code have changed. The other contact methods have not changed. Contact details Attached. We apologize for the inconvenience caused! Our company will take this relocation as a new starting point, and sincerely provide more satisfactory service and cooperation to our distinguished customers, and thank you again for your long-term support and attention!
Congratulations on the new official website of Dongguan Jingfeng Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd.
The new official website of Dongguan Jingfeng Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. was officially opened, and it will be fully launched. We hope that new and old customers will visit us.
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Wuhan Ruiqi Equipment Special Cable Co., Ltd. Equipment

Thanks to the support and trust of Wuhan Ruiqi Special Cable Co., Ltd., we will return our customers with excellent quality and perfect service.

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